Download Heimdall flash firmware for Samsung Galaxy Phones
Best cross platform open source software for Users
Heimdall Download for your Windows, MAC and Linux platforms, this is a cross-platform open source program which is used to Flash firmware for Samsung smartphones. Perhaps you may be odin user, download this popular Heimdall tool for your desktop and see the difference. If you are developer Heimdall will guide you to go long journey with Android rooting programming concept.

When you execute application after connect your device via USB, heimdall interact with software running in the devices. This is mainly communicate with the Samsung protocol. We are ready to give download links as follows. Download now compatible with your operating system.

Why Heimdall Important than Odin

Mainly Odin is not compatible with MAC and Linux platform. But Heimdall is compatible with all platforms. Another advantage is Odin is leaked software which is not supported by some Samsung devices.
Developers and tested tools

This application has tested following devices by their Australian development team. Click here to visit their official website.

##  GT-I9000
##  GT-I9100[T]
##  GT-I9300
##  GT-I9505
##  SGH-I727
##  SGH-I777
##  SGH-I927
##  SGH-I797
Is Heimdall Safe than Odin ?

Both of these are flashing firmware developed for Android devices. Development team has tested this application with many devices, however any flashing software may be harmful if you used incorrectly. Therefore before execute application please take correct instructions. You need to connect your device properly to your PC before execute application. This may cause to recoverable error while you are running with Heimdall.
Note - Perhaps your Windows operating system may ask to install “MSVCR110.dll” file to your computer. You can download this file from here. - Download msvcr110.dll file.

If you have iDevice and running with Ios 7.1.2, 7.1.1, 7.1.0, We recommend to Pangu Download for jailbreak your devices.

Perhaps Pangu will not support all Apple Devices. We recommend to use jailbreak complete installer to your device to get Cydia successfully. Click Here - Download Cydia Installer

Follow these instructions before download Heimdall

@@@  These are the instructions to install Drivers
@@@  Follow these instructions to un-install Drivers
Important !

Before your execute application please follow ”readme.txt” file instructions properly.

Credit and Thanks

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Pangu 8 Released
Last week Pangu 8 released for users. This is one and only Apple devices rooting software for Ios 8 running devices. You can use Pangu 8 for jailbreak your devices successfully.

We Like to give all necessary guides related with Pangu 8.. Click Here for More information

If you are Ios 8.1.1 and Ios 8.1.2 user, Taig can be download for jailbreak your device. Because Pangu 8 will not longer work for jailbreak Ios 8 latest versions. Download Taig and jailbreak your device, Also follow TaiG instructions properly to avoid jailbreak errors. Follow our recommended website for success jailbreak process.